The success of Civil engineering lies in translating the architectural concepts of clients into concrete realities. As one of the prestigious divisions at Sohar Star, Civil engineering forms an integral part of everyday operations. Headed by highly qualified and experienced engineers with a group of well-experienced foremen and labourers, the division has undertaken and finished several major projects. The division has drawn on years-long experience to successfully complete the construction of factory and structures measuring all the way to thousands of square of meters. Building of office & administrative blocks with all class amenities & facilities for prestigious factories are among the number of massive projects completed by the Civil Engineering Division.

Equipped with a group of qualified engineers, foremen and skilled labourers, the division has done many a major work in welding, fitting, fabrication and erection of structures, pipelines etc. Having evolved into a full-fledged unit that deploys the most advanced machinery and sophisticated infrastructure, the division today undertakes all types of works ranging from fabrication of pipe spools, to storage tanks and steel structures. Major works carried out by Mechanical Division include: 1) Structural work spanning thousands of square meters accommodating factory and office buildings at Sohar Industrial Estate 2) Fabrication & Erection of Pipes, Pipeline laying, testing and commissioning of all types of pipe lines etc. 3) Fabrication and installation of working platform for Digester vessel, dismantling and removal of boilers, erection of new boiler, fabrication of related pipe lines and duct lines etc.

As the famous saying goes, you are only as good as your weakest link. The stronger and more advanced your equipments are, the more equipped you will be to perform novel tasks. Recognizing the role high –quality equipments play in producing desired results, Sohar Star owns a fleet of equipments that are powerfully built to tackle the respective challenges. Supported by sophisticated machineries, Sohar owns a large fleet of heavy duty vehicles that are specifically designed to manage tasks of immense proportions. Sohar is also renowned for deploying a diverse range of modern equipments necessary to undertake challenges of all sizes. In addition to being composed of excavators, trenchers, graders, shovels, cranes and vibrating rollers, our full range of earthmoving trucking apparatus also meets the whole gamut of fleet requirements.

Powered by a team of experienced professionals, Sohar Star attributes its enduring success to the collective efforts put in by the entire team. The unconditional commitment of employees combined with the use of modern technologies has enabled the Road and Earth Works division to complete project after project with unmatched efficiency. Sohar Star is equipped with a highly experienced team that has a long tradition of undertaking many challenging tasks and more importantly completing them on a timely basis. Endowed with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, Sohar star carry out multi-faceted construction works on Roads and Lands by means of proven strategies. Our experts exert their expertise in each area of respective construction process while paying attention to every detail to ensure unparalleled standard of services. Major focus of the division includes areas such as Land Development and Road construction.

Sohar Star is armed to teeth with a team of automobile engineers that can cater to the whole range of repairing and maintenance jobs of different types of automobiles and heavy duty equipments. Automobile division constitutes a major part of services offered by Sohar Star as its experienced team places great emphasis on providing repairing and maintaining solutions that measure up to global standards. Automobile division is manned by engineers with over 30 years-long experience in offering world class solutions that have no parallels in the industry. By performing commendable services that involve repairing accident-damaged and other vehicles in poor shape, the Automobile division has earned a great deal of credibility. Today this division is credited with fixing minor and major defects in a consistent and timely fashion.

Landscaping division is endowed with a highly talented team of experts who draw on year-long experience in the industry to deliver world-class landscaping, horticulture and irrigation works. The landscaping division has been also renowned for its considerable contribution to hi-tech agriculture production by using superior quality equipments. The division has also succeeded in implementing the latest product technologies while providing training for the local growers in operating advanced systems. Over the years, the landscaping division has been credited with conceiving vibrant ideas and transforming many lands into lively spaces full of rich flora. The professionals conduct painstaking study of lands prior to implementing the planned stages of landscaping. The landscaping experts work closely with clients to understand the exact requirements, and work towards attaining the desired results.

Sohar Star is equipped with highly experienced professionals who have established themselves as reliable IT solutions providers in the industry. The technically driven team at Sohar Star is renowned for offering the whole spectrum of hosted services encompassing everything from Hosted servers, hosted networks, Hosted applications, Hosted exchange, Collocation, Disaster recovery and Business continuity, Hosted VoIP, Hosted span filtering, Hosted Web/Content to Remote Backup and IP Scanning. In addition to offering a wide range of hosted services, Sohar star also provides a variety of managed solutions such as help desk/PC support, Managed server solutions, Remote backup solutions, Verbalization management solutions and Vendor Management. The IT division at Sohar Star also offers a wide range of proven Professional Solutions that include Verbalization, storage, Backup and Recovery, Networking, Security and WAN Acceleration.

This division caters primarily to our in-house projects, and ensures that all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing aspects, are properly installed and commissioned.  These also include HVAC,  and firefighting systems. We are an MEP solutions provider with contracting teams who are fully trained to support and install mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions. Sohar Star is a multi-disciplined business and we pool our considerable working resources with electrical, hydraulic and plumbing engineers to offer a wide reaching MEP solution. We work with some of the Oman’s most high profile companies on projects as small as one-off installs to multi-million riyal projects of the highest prestige and quality. From concept to completion, Sohar Star is the complete MEP solutions provider.

Last eight years we have endeavored to become and remain the machining and fabrication provider of choice for businesses and organizations that rely on quality, precision, and efficiency. To accomplish this, we combine advanced capabilities with the level of service and support you would expect from a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated business. We are proud to serve customers worldwide, with machined components making their mark in industries ranging from crushers, gears, bearing housing , pins, etc and beyond. If you need custom manufacturing for machined parts, fabrication, or assembly: You can count on Sohar Star